Tangem Bitcoin HK

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In the first such collaboration, Tangem partners with the Bitcoin Association of Hong Kong to introduce a limited edition co-branded smart banknote — a special hardware wallet that can be used as cash — handed over to other people for physical transactions.

Tangem Notes are highly secure smart cards carrying cryptocurrencies on a recently developed EAL6+ SecurCore microchip from Samsung Semiconductor. The value can be extracted at any time by signing a transaction from the Tangem Note to an arbitrary Bitcoin wallet. This requires a compatible NFC–enabled Android phone and is protected by a 60–second security delay. Faraday wallets are recommended for additional security.

Private keys cannot be imported or exported from Tangem Notes under any circumstance, they are only known to the chip itself. No backup possible — by design. Each Tangem Note creates its own private keys and can never disclose them. The value is completely tied to the physical chip. Loss, theft, or destruction of a Tangem Note will result in loss of funds.

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Dimensions:  85.6 x 45 x 0.6 mm
Weight:  3 grams
Material:  Transparent PVC
Processor:  Arm SecureCore SC000
Fabrication:  65 nm
Antenna:  Copper Coil, energy harvesting
Interface:  NFC ISO 14443 A / B, 13.56 MHz
Cryptography:  3DES, AES, RSA, ECC
Certifications:  CCRA EAL6+, EMVCo
Security Audit: 
Kudelski Group
Firmware Audit:  Kudelski Group
Compatibility:  Android or iPhone (NFC)